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About Us

Cities are beautiful, amazing, and unique. So much to do and see, so many places to visit, so many people to meet, so much life to live, and yet, so hard to get to it all... without noise, pollution, and congestion.

FUELL is a new energy.

An energy that will move you in silence. An energy that will free you to rediscover your city every day. An energy that will turn your daily commute into an experience.

An energy that tells you that hours and minutes of your life are precious, and that we are committed to help you make the most of them.

FUELL was created combining the intelligence of experience and the fire of fierce independence. 

We are an experienced team, with miles on the clock riding and designing motorcycles and e-bikes, as well as being seasoned entrepreneurs.

We rallied together around a strong motivator: to offer a genuinely new experience entirely focused on the urban rider’s needs, thanks to the freedom of design, engineering and distribution that is unique to electric vehicles.

And we push ourselves to keep this ethos in our entire operation: from bold design choices, to reengineering the wheel (true story), to novel customer service ideas. There isn’t a single piece of our e-vehicles or our company that is generic or stuck in the past. 

FUELL is all about creating emotion and freedom through innovation. It’s our obsession, our mantra.

We designed our e-vehicles with you in mind - you, city lovers. You who want something different, who love innovation, who always update and upgrade, and can’t understand why the future is not now.

With many original patents, an electric native design, and progressive technical ideas, we are committed to deliver advanced personal urban mobility solutions to city riders: e-machines – starting with a cleanly designed e-motorcycle and an elegant e-bike – connected to your lifestyle, built to give you a silent, responsible and fun ride.

Let’s invent a new form of personal transportation. Let's invent a new way to further explore your city. Let’s invent a new solution to enjoy true urban freedom.