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July 28, 2021 2 min read

By legends, for legends
FUELL Backstory

Launched in spring 2019, FUELL’s mission is to reinvent the pleasure of riding. FUELL started with the unexpected encounter and the Franco-American convergence between Erik Buell and Francois-Xavier Terny. Seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in two-wheeled vehicles, their unifying idea was to develop a unique range of vehicles for the new urban adventurers, thanks to the freedom of design, engineering and distribution that is unique to electric.

From this union was firstborn Flluid, their first vehicle to market: a premium electric bicycle including features that place it among the very best e-bikes on the market: best in class components, a range of 200 kilometers and pedal assistance up to 45 km/h.

Unique design features

The FUELL Flluid is a masterpiece designed by the legend himself, Erik Buell. With attention to detail and a lot of research, he and his team developed it to perfection. A quick breakdown of the unique features that make a Flluid:

Ride exclusively

Exclusive Bofeili-FUELL 100Nm

The mid-drive powerful bofeili engine with built-in torque sensor features an astonishing 100 nm of torque. It’s a FUELL exclusive, meaning you won’t see anyone else having the same motor.

Ride twice as far

2 removable batteries

The Fluid has two integrated batteries with a total of 1,008Wh good for a massive 200 km of range. With this type of range you won't have to worry about charging all the time.

Ride with comfort

Carbon belt drive

The Fuell Flluid uses a Gates Carbon Belt that lasts longer than a metal chain, without the need for constant lubrication and maintenance. Did you know that carbon belt drives last 4 times longer than a conventional bicycle chain.

The key to success isn't only its high quality material, but also the lack of maintenance. Life becomes much easier as a quick wipe over the belt is all it takes to get it clean again.

Another bonus: sound. No more rattling and banging, from now on you'll be cycling noiselessly through the city. Sounds nice, right?

Ride in silence

Pirelli CYCL-E GT Tires

Pirelli CYCL-E GT Tiresare designed to delight cyclists who enjoy both city streets and the winding outdoors tracks. Versatile and reliable, riding with these tires feels like heaven.

Ride maintenance free

Internal gear Hub

The Flluid features a Shimano Alfine 8. This internally geared hub requires minimal maintenance, while providing an impressive range of gears. The gearbox is completely covered. Mud, dust or water cannot enter. No dirty mechanism, which means less maintenance and breakdowns. It also shifts much more easily than a rear derailleur gearbox. Thus, comfort increases considerably.

Ride bump free

FUELL designed bicycle seat

The Flluid's suspended seatpost makes your ride extremely comfortable. Small bumps or gravel on the street are no exception, but thanks to the in-house developed saddle you won't be bothered. Long distances are not a concern either. Making your ride even more blissful has never been easier

Ride in style

3 exclusive colours

The Fuell Flluid is available in 3 colors: Dark grey, blue and silver. Want to stand out? Go for that beautiful blue color. Want to keep it low-key? Choose one of the grey colors. But one thing is certain, riding stylish won't be a problem!