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July 27, 2021 2 min read

The FUELL Flluid is one of the newest speed pedelecs on the electric bike market in the Benelux. Seeking the opinion of authorities on the subject, we asked the editors of the Dutch expertise website to submit the FUELL Flluid to an honest review.

Expectations were high as the bike was the result of a collaboration with, among others, Erik Buell, the founder, former Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of the Buell Motorcycle Company, a manufacturer that has produced more than 130,000 motorbikes to date.

The review first discusses the bike's specifications. The design is particularly noteworthy: "The double battery and the sleek appearance immediately catch the eye. Because let's be honest, have you ever seen a design like this before?” (

The bike's battery, tires, belt drive, weight and motor are also reviewed. An account of the delivery follows. Here's what you can expect:

  • An American precision speed pedelec
  • If ordered: registration documents, license plate and helmet
  • Free home delivery
  • Excellent home service
  • Instruction manual with all information & rules
  • Two years warranty on electrical components, 10 years on the frame

Moreover, the review summarizes what you always get with the bike, and what the optional add-ons are:

Standard  Optional
Gates carbon belt drive
Smartphone holder
Roxim Z4E Pro 900 lumen illumination GPS tracker
3.2-in IPS color display Helmet
5 assistance levels Extra battery
Double kickstand Battery jacket
USB charging for accessories Extra battery charger
Anti-theft PIN code Padlock
ABUS lock chain


Last but not least, the final verdict: 

“In its price range, the Fuell Flluid is a bike to seriously consider. You don't see a speed pedelec with 1000 Wh of power, a belt drive, 100 Nm motor, front fork and a sleek design rush by often.

It is a reliable speed pedelec that will compete with the established order. As far as we are concerned, they can start preparing themselves. We expect this brand to be a hit in the future when it becomes more widely known!” (